LIMES Pharo Cartouche gets a new design

The new Limes Pharo Cartouche

The new Limes Pharo Cartouche

The Pharo Cartouche was one of the first watches of the LIMES collection. Since the end of the 1990s until 2007 the Cartouche was an important time piece of LIMES and had found many friends over the years. The Pharo Cartouche stands for beauty and elegance. A watch for people who appreciate fine art and craftsmanship as well as precision. Now the Cartouche is back with a new design.

The classic silver guilloché dial and the blue Breguet hands are more or less unchanged. The all new ICKLER made watch case – made of polished stainless steel – impresses with its elegant cannelage.

The watch is equipped with the reliable Swiss made movement Sellita SW 200, which is covered through a solid case back. The LIMES Cartouche is available with a black or brown leather strap.

The prices are EUR 780 (including VAT), EUR 655,46 (excluding VAT, approximately $950 CAD) and can be ordered directly from the German Watch Shop.

Limes Pharo Cartouche

40,5mm x 10mm polished stainless steel case with its beautiful cannelage

About Limes

The history of Limes goes back to three generation, when in 1924 Karl Karl Ickler founded his company making watch cases in Pforzheim, Germany. Pforzheim had a long tradition of watchmaking, due to Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden, who in 1767 laid there the foundation of the watchmaking industry, by establishing a watch factory within an orphanage. He wanted to give the orphans the opportunity to be self-sufficient by teaching them a valuable trade. By the time Karl Karl Ickler started his business, Pforzheim had a strong reputation for its watch and jewellery making.

Today the company is managed by Thomas Ickler, he’s designing and making high quality watches and watch cases for customers around the world.

He started the Limes brand in the 1990s, when Ickler wanted to create mechanical watches mainly by hand, combining good quality movements with Ickler made cases.

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