SEA-GOD Italian Design and Swiss Mechanics: a Match Made in Heaven

SEA-GOD Protondo Limited Edition GMT watch

SEA-GOD Protondo Limited Edition GMT

SEA-GOD BlackStorm All Black watch

SEA-GOD BlackStorm All Black

SEA-GOD Black&White GMT

SEA-GOD Black&White GMT

It’s always exiting to introduce a new brand to the readers of WatchPaper. While Sea-God has been around for a while, it is a less known brand here in North America.

A brainchild of Enzo Palazzo, the company was founded in 2003 and after seven years of concept study, Sea-God debuted in 2010:

“It took seven years to develop and improve the concept of watches Sea-God. Dimension and precision, together with a clear identity design – superb – are the key features on which I worked for greater customization and a new dimension which measures and visualizes the passing time. “

Enzo wanted to make things simple, bold, durable, yet elegant. Watches using traditional mechanics and precious metals, related to sport, the sea and luxury. He set up five guiding principles for designing Sea-God watches:

  1. longevity, to allow the watch to be accurate even after decades
  2. maintainability, because the repairer must be able to maintain the watch with instruments, if necessary, not more advanced than those in used today
  3. transparency, the watch must be understandable without being removed or stopped, any functionality should be hidden
  4. impermeability, the watch must ensure a level of water resistance to withstand the pressure exerted by water at great depths
  5. scalability, to ensure that the watch is scalable it must be built with parts interchangeable with other models of the same size.

These principles are well reflected in the design and the patents that each Sea-God watch has.

They are currently planning a really ambitious project: a new diver’s watch called “Deep Abyss”, capable to withstand extreme depths of 5000 meters.

This year at Baselworld, Sea-God managed to expand its distribution network to more than 20 countries around the World, so don’t be surprised if you will see them on the shelfs of your favourite watch boutique.

I highly recommend to check out and like their Facebook page and join the discussion at the Sea-God Friends Facebook group. You’ll find there photos too, not just 3D renderings (they are looking way better in real life than on the 3D images).

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