Jaeger-LeCoultre for Emergency — It’s time to help Sierra Leone

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso engraved with the logo of 70th Mostra and Emergency

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso engraved with the logo of 70th Mostra and Emergency

While this event was held at the end of August, we still don’t want to miss the opportunity to showcase a laudable initiative.

With the support Jaeger-LeCoultre , Emergency, a humanitarian NGO active in offering emergency health services to  civilian victims of war, will refurbish an emergency unit and a radiology department at their surgical and paediatric centre in Goderich, Siera Leone.

Last year Jaeger-LeCoultre was involved in another Emergency project, at a maternity centre in Anabah, Afghanistan.

Press release

On the occasion of the 70th Venice International Film Festival, or Mostra as it is known for short, Jaeger-LeCoultre will be renewing its commitment to Emergency, a humanitarian association created in 1994 to help civilian victims of wars and poverty.

Since 2001, the association has been operating at Goderich, on the outskirts of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, a surgical and paediatric centre, the only high-level modern medical facility providing free health care for all. The centre is currently being extended and Jaeger-LeCoultre is funding the refurbishment of its emergency unit and of its radiology department along with the adjoining changing room.

Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio, serving as ambassador of this initiative, paid a visit to the Goderich centre that enabled him to grasp the gravity of the situation in Sierra Leone. A land torn apart by the civil war that ended in 2001, but only after having effectively destroyed the rare existing health care facilities. A country in a constant state of national emergency. According to the World Health Organisation, 21% of children under five in Sierra Leone are underweight. The mortality rate in this same age bracket stands at 194 deaths out of 1,000 viable births. The Emergency hospital treats an average of 1,300 children per month.

It is for all these reasons that on Thursday August 29th Jaeger-LeCoultre will be showing its support for this important project through an unusual red carpet ceremony, staged by the soap-bubble magician, Michele Cafaggi.

Held at the Excelsior Hotel in an atmosphere evoking the world of childhood, the evening will feature a gala dinner concocted by the German chef Ernst Knam and a live concert by Edoardo Bennato.

A number of celebrities gathered for the 70th Venice International Film Festival will be joining Jaeger-LeCoultre in supporting this initiative. They will also enjoy a chance to create soap bubbles on the red carpet and to wear the watch symbolising this operation – a timepiece donated to the association in order to help fund the centre.

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