deLaCour partner with Sparkle Roll for distribution of deLaCour BiTourbillon Watches

deLaCour BiTourbillon

deLaCour BiTourbillon

(Hong Kong, 18 January 2010) – Sparkle Roll Group Limited (“Sparkle Roll” or “the Company”)(SEHK: 970), is principally engaged in distributorships of top-tier luxury goods in the PRC, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sparkle Roll Watch & Jewellery Ltd. has signed a contract with deLaCour to be the exclusive global distributor of the brand BiTourbillon (“BiTourbillon”) watches.

Sparkle Roll is responsible for the marketing, distribution, pricing and sale of this renowned Swiss watch to all countries over the world with particular focus on PRC, Hong Kong, and Macau. The term of this global distributorship is for a period of 10 years, commenced on 1 Jan 2010. The BiTourbillon will be available at Sparkle Roll’s self-operated luxury centre in Beijing and also available in the worldwide online shopping network.

BiTourbillon is the world’s first dual differential tourbillon watch allowing both Local and GTM time to be read. BiTourbillon watches were conceived as a collection of unique pieces and they have demonstrated the finest watch making techniques and stringent quality as well as process controls for the creation of each unique master piece.

Mr. Ivan Tong, Chairman of Sparkle Roll, said, “As a purveyor of high-end luxury items, Sparkle Roll has built a reputation for incomparable service and value. With our outstanding management and network with various branded items, Sparkle Roll has won the trust and confidence of many top international brands. We have already established a leading position in the rapidly growing luxury markets in the realm of high-end automobiles, watches and jewelry. The recruitment of deLaCour represents another business milestone for the Group of carrying the most unique and collectible luxury pieces of the world.”

deLaCour BiTourbillon

deLaCour BiTourbillon

About Sparkle Roll Group Limited (SEHK: 970)

Sparkle Roll Group Limited (SEHK: 970) is currently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and principally engaged in the distributorships of top-tier luxury goods, including ultra luxury automobiles such as Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce in Beijing; exclusive distributorships of super deluxe branded watches Richard Mille, DeWitt, Parmigiani; cohesive partnerships with top-tier branded jewellery Boucheron and renowned French fine wines company, Groupe Duclot, for the PRC; as well as comics publishing and the multi-media development business in Hong Kong and the PRC.

About deLaCour

Born from a passion for avant-garde design and craftsmanship, deLaCour was established to offer alternative and exclusive creations to the world of luxury watch making. In 2003, deLaCour unveiled their first collection at the world’s most important watch and Jewellery show in Basel. The heart of the initial concept of deLaCour is Bichrono, which was represented as the first watch in history to possess a double automatic chronograph movement.
deLaCour’s conception of creativity is what differentiated the brand, especially with its award-winning slogan “Since Tomorrow”, meaning the history of the brand is written in the future. Each deLaCour model appears in limited edition and is made in very small quantity. With headquarters in Geneva, deLaCour is now present in over 35 countries with more than 70 points of sale.

Sparkle Roll Group Limited

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