ICELINK 6Timezone Alarm Clocks

IceLink 6Timezone Alarm Clocks

IceLink 6Timezone Alarm Clocks

Time is passing by and you still haven’t found that perfect gift? Don’t worry; IceLink is here to help you with an original idea: the 6Timezone Alarm Clock.

Successfully launched a few years ago, with its signature IceLink shape, the 6Timezone finds a new expression. The Alarm Clock with its six time zones and two alarms will find its place in your lifestyle as well as on the go.

The hour-markers of the two alarm dials and all the hands are illuminated with Superluminova which glow in the dark for ease of reading at night. The cities represented are: New York, Moscow, London, Tokyo, Geneva plus one local time zone.

The 6Timezone Alarm Clocks are available in steel with metallic black dials ($3,800), steel with MOP dials ($4,000) or black PVD with carbon dials ($4,200). Size: Height 105mm (4.25 inch) / Width 75mm (3 inch) / Depth 15mm (0.5 inch). The guarantee for the Alarm Clocks is like all the IceLink watches: 5 years. This represents an industry standard and shows the confidence in the brand and the products.

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