Unique and Atypical Watchmaking Speciality: the PERRELET Double Rotor

Perrelet Double Rotor

Perrelet Double Rotor

Many brilliant minds were interested in researching the perpetual movement of a mechanism that, once set in motion, would continue to function indefinitely.

Abraham-Louis Perrelet had the idea of harnessing the energy produced by the natural movements of the person wearing the timekeeper and, in 1777, developed the first automatic watch in the history of watchmaking.

By placing the movement at the center of their development projects, the Perrelet engineers developed what was to become one of the mechanisms especially typical of the watch industry, the “Double Rotor”. The Perrelet calibre P-181 with automatic winding, completely exclusive, displays two rotors, one on the dial side and the other on the side of the movement. The combination of the 2 perfectly synchronized rotors feeds the going barrel.

So the mechanism has a source of energy, which is continuous and amplified. The rotor situated on the dial side also enables a constant control of the good functioning of the watch.

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