Avoiding Fake Watch Ads on Google AdSense

Fake watch ad

Fake watch ad

Ever since I inserted the Google AdSense code into this website, I always had a lot of difficulty following the nature of ads that are syndicated by Google. A great number of ads are promoting websites that are specialized in selling counterfeited watches.

The Google AdSense back-end gives certain control to the web-master to filter out these undesired ads. The only tool that really works for me is the “Competitive Ad Filter” where I can enter the URL of the website, who’s ad I want to block.

This is a problem that I noticed is quite present on other Watch related blogs and this gave me the idea to post here the list of URLs I’m blocking. I hope this will help other web-masters to fight counterfeiting.

List of URLs I block (last update 14/03/2010):

Feel free to copy this list and paste it in your Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter section. If you have an RSS feed, make sure you have the same list for both AdSense for Content and AdSense for Feed.

If you have other URLs that are missing from this list, please post them as a comment and this way I could keep this list up to date. If you have other techniques to block undesired ads, please share them here, I would love to hear them.

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