Carl F. Bucherer to use laser signed components to fight counterfeiting

CLR-LIGA technology used by Carl F. Bucherer

Carl F. Bucherer is implementing the innovative CLR-LIGA technology, which uses nanostructuring of individual components of the movement to ensure clear and simple authentication.

Carl F. Bucherer has announced today their effort to fight counterfeiting by implementing the innovative CLR-LIGA technology, which uses nanostructuring of individual components of the movement, resulting in a very easy and unmistakable authentication.

CLR-LIGA was developed by Mimotec SA, a Swiss company specialized in micro-technique and micro-mechanics. It provides even the smallest components with a diffractive surface structure that reflects light in the form of a unique signature. A complex 4-stage process of structural calculation, nanostructuring, photolithography and galvanization renders it impossible for counterfeiters to copy the laser signature. Furthermore, this new technology stands out sharply against other methods of certifying original products. Unlike certificate cards or QR codes, authentication by CLR-LIGA technology needs no complex database of identification numbers, but can be recognized quickly and easily with a simple scanning device. Furthermore, the laser signature is actually integrated into the product, making unequivocal authentication possible even decades later, independently of technical systems.

By using CLR-LIGA, Carl F. Bucherer can protect its creations, such as the CFB A1000 automatic movement against being copied. The first model presented with an integral laser signature showing the Carl F. Bucherer logo is the Manero PowerReserve. From 2014, all other models powered by the CFB A1000 caliber will bear the detailed laser signature, unmistakably identifying them as original models from Carl F. Bucherer.

Here is a short video explaining the CLR-LIGA technology:

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