Maîtres du Temps Chapter Two: Big Date Triple Calendar

Maîtres du Temps Chapter Two

Maîtres du Temps Chapter Two

In teaming three of the world’s greatest living watchmakers with one of the world’s most prestigious state-of-the-art movement manufactures, a very special timepiece is assured. With Chapter Two, master watchmakers Mr. Daniel Roth, Mr. Roger Dubuis, and Mr. Peter Speake-Marin, went beyond “very special”: they pushed the boundaries of haute horlogerie. The resulting timepiece features an instantaneous big date triple calendar that, thanks to innovative roller indications and the unparalleled experience of the master watchmakers involved, is the world’s most legible calendar mechanical wristwatch, as well as the world’s first unabbreviated triple calendar mechanical wristwatch!

Chapter Two features central hours and minutes indicated by elegant diamond-cut, solid gold hands, sub-seconds at 6 o’clock, big date at 12 o’clock, and the day and month spelled out in full on their respective rollers. The combination of a big date and full text for the days and months confers upon Chapter Two a legibility unprecedented in a triple calendar wristwatch.

“Chapter Two is the fruit of a collaboration of very experienced and professional master watchmakers. It is totally unlike anything that any of us would have done alone but is the result of us working together,” said Mr. Daniel Roth.

The long flowing lines of the distinctive tonneau case belie its complex architecture and sophisticated design. Myriad thoughtful details and sagacious finishes catch the light. Every aspect of the timepiece has been meticulously refined: the inside curves of the lugs match the flow of the case, ensuring absolute harmony, while the day, date, and month correctors are engraved with their functions for ease of operation. A total of six shaped, anti-reflective sapphire crystals—three on the front and three on the caseback—ensure unmatched visual access to both the indications and movement.

Chapter Two’s technically groundbreaking movement was developed in close collaboration by its highly experienced master watchmakers and was extensively developed, tested, refined, and decorated until Chapter Two satisfied their most exigent standards. In particular, the mechanism for driving the rollers demanded significant technical and inventive reflection to obtain the most efficient and reliable system possible—the fact that the big date and both rollers change instantaneously bears testament to the success of their innovative design and high-precision manufacture.

Maîtres du Temps (L-R): Mr. Peter Speake-Marin, Mr. Daniel Roth, Mr. Roger Dubuis

Maîtres du Temps (L-R): Mr. Peter Speake-Marin, Mr. Daniel Roth, Mr. Roger Dubuis

“To ensure sufficient force in the construction of the calendar, the transmission of power through the movement had to be very efficient, consuming minimum power turning the large rollers, so we had to master the horological challenge and use the latest technology. One aspect which was crucial in the design was the fabrication of the rollers in ultra-light material,” said Mr. Peter Speake-Marin.

Turning Chapter Two over reveals a caseback unlike anything that has gone before. Two ergonomic, paddle-shaped pushers to adjust the day and month are engraved with their respective functions, and the displayed month or day on the dial side is cleverly indicated on the back through geometrically complex sapphire crystals. This is a detail that eliminates the need to turn the watch over while adjusting the roller functions and is typical of the deep level of thought Chapter Two’s experienced masters have devoted to its development and design. The date corrector, seamlessly blending with the lines to the crown, also has its function engraved on the back. As you might expect of the superstar line up that developed Chapter Two, every single detail has been carefully considered.

Looking through the octagon-shaped sapphire crystal of the display back into the beautifully decorated movement within, the eye is immediately drawn to the richly engraved symbolically goblet-shaped rotor of the automatic winding system. The intricate panier guilloche decorating the rotor’s center provides a noble counterpoint to the text around the rotor’s periphery that reads Masters and Their Craft—A Lifelong Pursuit of Excellence.

“The symbol of the goblet, and for me this is important, is that we are three artisans putting all of our knowledge and love of the craft into this goblet, and in drinking from it, we share the pleasure of creating a wonderful timepiece,” said Mr. Roger Dubuis.

The richly hand-decorated movement features a veritable melody of harmonious fine finishing, from the sun-ray Côtes de Genève on the bridges with their perfectly beveled edges, to the helical spirals and perlage on the mainplate, to the mirror-polished screw heads.

With its distinctive tonneau case shape, signature roller indications, octagon display back, and the superlative quality of its finish and construction, Chapter Two exhibits the essential DNA that has propelled Maîtres du Temps to the forefront of horological design and innovation.

Chapter Two by Maîtres du Temps from Ian Skellern on Vimeo.

Exploded View: Chapter Two

Exploded View: Chapter Two

Technical Specifications

Instantaneous triple calendar, big date, day indication on roller, month indication on roller, sub-seconds, automatic winding mechanical movement.

Central hands indicating hours and minutes
Sub-seconds at 6 o’clock
Big date at 12 o’clock
Day indication on roller at 6 o’clock
Month indication on roller at 12 o’clock

– Time: hours, minutes, seconds
– Instantaneous triple calendar: big date, day, and month

Caliber SHC01:
– Automatic winding mechanical movement
Symbolic goblet-shaped rotor in 22K gold, panier guilloche, relief text, and logo

Dimensions: 45 mm x 32 mm x 9 mm
– Number of components: 382
– Number of jewels: 32
– Power reserve: 50 hours
– Balance frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
– Finishing: sun-ray Côtes de Genève, perlage, beveling, polished screw heads, diamond-cut faceting

– 18K red gold
– Number of components: 30
– Dimensions: 58mm x 42mm x 18mm
– Six sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating
– High polish and satin finishes on compound-curve surfaces

– Day corrector on caseback bottom
– Month corrector on caseback top
– Big date corrector on side of case at 2 o’clock

– Silver
– Number of components: 4
– Multi-faceted and beveled
– Printed Roman numerals
– Engine-turned sun-ray guilloche with circular grain satin surfaces

Hands: sword-shaped 18k red gold with
diamond-cut facets

Day roller: black anodized aluminum
Month roller: black anodized aluminum

Strap and buckle:
Hand-sewn alligator strap with 18K red gold deployant buckle

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