Message From the Editor – Google Advertising Websites That Sell Fake Watches

Google advertising a website that sells fake watches

Google advertising a website that sells fake watches

Since yesterday started running Google ads. As soon as we inserted the necessary code, there was an advertisement that caught our eye. It appeared on the page about anti-counterfeiting campaign at SIHH. It was a sad irony, a story about anti-counterfeiting had an advertisement of a website selling fake Swiss watches.

We immediately corrected the problem by adding that web site’s URL to our filter. And we checked all existing ads syndicated by Google to make sure there are no other cases. The ads that are syndicated by Google are beyond our immediate control, we can only filter them after Google is publishing them on our website. I would love to ask our readers to help us combat these websites, by emailing us at in case you notice a suspect advertisement.

I would like to assure all our readers that is committed to fight by all its means the illicit world of fake watches.

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Best regards,
Adam Sofineti
Editor of

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