The twelve technical criteria of the Hallmark of Geneva

Hallmark of Geneva

Hallmark of Geneva

The twelve technical criteria
(excerpted from the Official Regulations of the Hallmark of Geneva)

Only mechanical watches assembled and adjusted on the territory of the Canton of Geneva – Switzerland – may be entered. Each movement must furthermore bear its own individual production number.

1.The quality of all parts and components of the movement, including those used for auxiliary mechanisms, must comply with the standards prescribed by the Office for the optional inspection of Genevan watches. Steel parts must display polished angles and their sides parallel file strokes, their visible faces must be smoothed and polished, screw heads must be polished or circular grained (with their rim and slot beveled).

2.All movements must be fitted on the going train and on the escapement with ruby jewels with polished hole. On the bridge side, jewels must be semi-mirror polished and their sinks polished. A centre-wheel jewel in the main plate is not required.

3.The balance spring must be secured by a sliding stud cap with round head and neck. Mobile stud-holders are accepted.

4.Fitted or split indexes (regulators) with a fastening system are accepted, save on extra-thin movements where the system is not mandatory.

5.Regulating systems featuring a balance wheel with variable radius of rotation are accepted provided they comply with the conditions set out in Article 3, paragraph 1.

6.Geartrain wheels must be bevelled on their upper and lower sides and their sinks polished. For wheels 0.15 mm thick or less, bevelling on the bridge side only is tolerated.

7.Pinion shanks and faces must be polished.

8.A lightweight escape wheel is mandatory: no more than 0.16 mm thick for larger sizes or 0.13 mm for wheels less than 18 mm across; locking faces must be polished.

9.The lever’s angle of travel must be contained by solid bankings, to the exclusion of pins or studs.

10.Movements fitted with shock absorbers are accepted.

11.The ratchet and transmission (crown) wheel must be finished in conformity with prescribed models.

12.Wire springs are prohibited.

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