NOMOS celebrating 25 years of freedom with Orion 1989

Nomos Orion 1989

Nomos Orion 1989

East Germany existed for 40 years — and it has been 25 years since the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig, which contributed towards the collapse of the state. The demonstrations rapidly spread all over GDR, culminating in the 4th of November Alexanderplatz demonstration, where half a million people gathered. In the same time huge waves of East German refugees would seek entrance to the West via the West German Embassy in Prague. Finally the Politburo agreed to open the borders and on November 9, East Berlin’s party boss, Günter Schabowski, announced the decision during a press conference.

After the broadcast, East Berliners started gathering at the wall, demanding the border guards to open the gates. The guards were caught off-guard [sic], and after many desperate phone calls where they would not get a clear order, the gates were finally open. Although the wall got physically torn down later, November 9, 1989 is considered the date when the Berlin Wall came down.

NOMOS is celebrating the 25-year anniversary of this historic event with a special edition watch, the Orion 1989. It comes in two versions, with 33 and 38 mm, with – as Nomos calls it – a November gray dial with gold plated steel hands. The curved sapphire crystal, on the front and on the back, make them 8,54 and 8,86 mm high. They are powered by the manual wound Nomos Alpha calibre.

A special piece to celebrate freedom!

People crossing Checkpoint Charlie on November 9, 1989 (Photo: Wikipedia)

People crossing Checkpoint Charlie. November 10, 1989 (Photo: Wikipedia)

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