Meeting of Masters — Episode 2 — From Light to Time

Still images from the second episode of Backes & Strauss' The Meeting of Masters.

Still images from the second episode of Backes & Strauss’ The Meeting of Masters.

In the first episode of The Meeting of Masters by Backes & Strauss, we got a glance at the craft of dial making. This time, in a two-minute video, the world’s oldest diamond company presents the art of diamond setting, movement engraving and watchmaking. We can experience the mastery required to make a watch, such as the Backes & Strauss Piccadilly Renaissance that is decorated with 137 ideal-cut diamonds.

About Backes & Strauss

For over two centuries, Backes & Strauss has constantly looked forward, pioneering new diamond cutting techniques and enthralling connoisseurs with its compelling designs.

Today, Backes & Strauss is part of the Franck Muller group. Backes & Strauss and The Franck Muller Group are masters of the art and science of their respective crafts. While Backes & Strauss is occupied with light and Franck Muller is concerned with time, both share a devotion to mathematical precision.

The result of this meeting of masters is a collection of timepieces so intricate, they are veritable masterpieces both inside and out.