Frédérique Constant Maxime Manufacture Automatic FC-700AS5MZ9 and FC-700MS5M6

Frédérique Constant Maxime Manufacture Automatic FC-700AS5MZ9 and FC-700MS5M6

Geneva, January 2009: Frédérique Constant is proud to introduce its new Maxime Manufacture Automatic. In addition to the successful Heart Beat Manufacture collection, Frédérique Constant now announces a new chapter in its history of in-house developed movements.

Five years ago, in 2004, Frédérique Constant entered the elite circle of Swiss watch brands that develop and produce their movements in-house. The successful introduction of the Frédérique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture was a giant leap for this young and innovative Geneva-based brand, which further secured and underlined its independence.

Still today, no other Swiss, classical watch brand in the Accessible Luxury-segment has achieved a similar development of producing its own movement.

This year, Frédérique Constant continues to innovate with its new Maxime Manufacture Automatic. With the all-new, in-house manufactured FC-700 caliber, the brand shows once again its level of sophistication in the field of technical know-how and movement production.

At the same time, the Frédérique Constant Maxime Manufacture shows an evolution in terms of design. Based on the design language of the brand, an all-new case design was created, combining straight lines with rounded surfaces, requiring many hours of specialized hand-polishing. The combination of matte and polished case parts, a silvered, guilloche dial and an integrated alligator strap results in a collection of classical yet contemporary timepieces, radiating a sober but elegant style.

Moreover, with this new product, Frédérique Constant capitalizes on its key brand values, offering a high quality, innovative timepiece at an accessible price point.

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