NOMOS Glashütte Metro received the Green Product Award

The award winning NOMOS Glashütte Metro

The award winning NOMOS Glashütte Metro

With its good looks, the Metro grabbed an impressive list of awards. Just this year, NOMOS Glashütte won with this model the prestigious German Design Award, the iF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. As further proof of the success of the Metro and of NOMOS in general, there is a new award added this list, the Green Product Award, which besides rewarding good design, it also take in consideration the technical innovation introduced by the product and the sustainability of the production process.

The timepiece, designed by Mark Braun, won over the jury with its climate-friendly production, innovative technical features, and, as one judge put it, “example-setting durability.”

In their submission, NOMOS was emphasizing the use of their new in-house developed escapement, the NOMOS swing system, unveiled last year with the Metro. This was quite an achievement from this relatively small German manufacturer, as it was a proof of independence from their Swiss supplier (as of next year, Swatch Group, the main supplier of escapements for small brands, is no longer compelled to furnish companies outside its group).

The jury was impressed with the technical achievements of this locally produced watch, made by a company offering high-quality working conditions.

There you go, one more reason to like NOMOS and fall for the Metro.

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