Eterna Movement SA – the independent movement producer

Eterna Calibre 3927A

Eterna Calibre 3927A flyback chronograph

While Eterna Movement SA started its operation as an independent watch movement manufacturer in 2012, they are rooted in the more than 150 years history of Eterna SA as a watchmaking company. The manufacture of watch movements has always played an important role in the history of Eterna. To begin with the company only manufactured ébauches, however Eterna already revolutionised the automatic movement in 1948 with its invention of the ball-bearing-mounted rotor system. Originally fitted in the Eterna Matic, this watch is now regarded as a benchmark. The use of ball-bearing mountings is de rigueur for Eterna Movement today – a fact also reflected in the depiction of ball bearings in the company logo.

Eterna Calibre 3945A

The automatic Eterna Calibre 3945A equipped with Eterna Spherodrive barrel design

Key milestones and pioneering innovations in the history of Eterna Movement SA to date already include the recently developed ball-bearing-mounted ‘Spherodrive’ barrel design which has set new standards for the quality and durability of a mechanical movement and the calibre 39 family, the unique design of which allows 88 different movement versions to be produced.

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