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Arnold Schwarzenegger is wrong. Yeah, he’s big. He has a mind-blowing timepiece collection. He is an ambassador for Audemars Piguet and AP actually make specially designed watches just for him. But he’s wrong. I am referring to his recent interview in a well-known watch magazine where spoke against the use of watch winders. He doesn’t believe in them and doesn’t see the use. Well, today’s blog will address this point.

Last week, I was discussing watch winders with a friend and he asked me, “Should I invest a couple of thousand dollars in a winder when I could put that money toward a new piece?” Well, maybe not a couple of thousand, but if you have a nice watch collection, you should definitely invest in a good winder.

**** For those who don’t know, a watch winder is a device that holds your automatic watch and rotates it throughout the day to wind the spring and keep it ticking when you are not wearing it. Winders range from $100 to several thousand dollars and some hold many watches. If you have the means, you can buy a watch-safe-winder that may hold up to 20 watches, rotating them during the day, and containing a cigar humidor, sound system and scotch collection. This would set you back $300,000 or more.

But let’s talk about your basic winder, from $100 to $1,000. You gotta have one! I have two winders, actually. I have several automatic watches and, while I am wearing one piece, I have two others on a winder, keeping them on time and ticking.

The whole point of this is to be able to wake up in the morning, find two or more pieces ticking and on time, and be able to choose one and dash out to work. Without setting the time and date each time. Options. Choices.

I really like setting my watches, but sometimes I like to be able to grab a watch that I haven’t worn in a few days and just find it ticking and ready for action. And this is why you need a winder. It enhances your collection.

A lot of watch collectors fear that a winder is bad for your watch – it can magnetize a watch or wind too often and damage the watch’s movement. I believe this is true and once had a watch that was magnetized by a winder.  So, it is important to buy a good winder.

Do some research. I have an Orbita winder which wasn’t cheap, but works beautifully. It is also very well made.

Orbita winders start around $400 and can cost a few thousand dollars for a winder that holds multiple watches with multiple settings. Different watch movements require different amounts of winding in different directions and a good winder will have different settings that can be changed.

But is it worth it? Should you spend $600 on a winder instead of putting that 600 bucks into your watch fund?

The short answer is… yes.

Take a break from buying watches for one year and apply that cash on a new winder. The winder will allow you “use” your watches better. You’ll get more wear out of certain watches. You know how you never pick up that certain watch, because you don’t want to re-set the time and date? Because it hasn’t been worn for the last week?  Well, if it was on a winder, you would be able to just grab it and go.

I have blogged before about the Iron Man 2 influence and my desire to have a collection and rotate my watches every day. For me, a winder is essential. In fact, it is the very best watch accessory and if you cannot afford a new watch this year, then buying a winder could be a great compromise.

I hope this helps. Go out and treat yourself to a new winder.

Happy shopping.

Yours truly,


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