BaselWorld 2010 Perrelet: Place of Honour for Traditional Values

Perrelet Double Rotor: A1006/9

Perrelet Double Rotor: A1006/9

Black or silver-white, the new Perrelet designs highlight alternating structures. Guilloché, sand-blasted or snailed decorations contrast with the detail of the polished and polished-satin finish of the steel indexes. True to its code of aesthetics, Perrelet maintains its quality of clear legibility.

These different interpretations housed in their distinctively fluted cases, a specialty of the Brand, are absolutely unique.

The “Classical Double Rotor” is the perfect embodiment of this distinctive character. With its unique design and Perrelet patent, the Double Rotor actually represents the identity of the Brand. The complexity of its mechanism enables one to observe and visualize the automatic winding function on the dial.

The synchronization of the two rotors, lower and upper, makes it possible to check the proper functioning of the movement and improves the winding efficiency in comparison with traditional models.

The Perrelet timekeepers are essential gems for the discerning person, whether in a professional or leisure context, and are fitted with a genuine alligator strap and stainless steel folding clasp.

Refined and simply elegant, the new Perrelet collection of black or silver white dials holds some beautiful surprises in store for its owners.

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