Jon Omer Joins The DeWitt Team

DeWitt is extremely proud to welcome Mr Jon Omer to the company. With more than 30 years of successful experience in the luxury business, Mr Jon Omer is to lead the growth and strengthening of all of DeWitt’s North American activities. With his knowledge and extremely acute feel for the market, Mr Omer will undoubtedly bring DeWitt’s North American branch to the next level.

Montres DeWitt is eager to reinforce its positioning and its visibility in America and has therefore chosen a man whose philosophy and values match perfectly with the image of the company. Indeed, Mr Omer not only brings an incredible experience in the luxury business, but also a profound understanding and a true passion for Haute Horlogerie.

Nathalie Veysset:

“Having Jon Omer in our team is a very important step forward for our company. Jon is a great professional with an impressive track record. His profound understanding of the North American market will most definitely help us serve our clients even better. Jon’s perception and love of fine watchmaking matches perfectly with the DeWitt philosophy and our extremely high quality standards. He will play a crucial role in the development and strengthening of the brand. Welcome Jon!”

Jon Omer:

“It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the invitation to join the DeWitt watch family. In these exciting times in world of luxury goods, the buyers today are looking for uniqueness, brand integrity, and lasting value in the products they buy and the DeWitt brand is all about these qualities. Its commitment to uniqueness and quality provides the values that resonate with the watch connoisseur who is looking for the very best. I look forward to working with the DeWitt team to build an even greater awareness of their marvellous watches in the exciting North American market”.

With this recruitment, DeWitt therefore intends to firmly establish the notoriety of its Brand throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean region.

An impressive track record:

Mr Jon Omer is a strong manager and a creative strategist. He has demonstrated success in the set up of profitable distribution operations and in the streamlining of production and inventory systems. He knows how to strengthen brand appeal as well as to foster an atmosphere of customer-focused service.

Vice President of “Harry Winston “for the past 8 years, Mr Omer operated major changes to the distribution network and grew sales revenues impressively. Previously, Mr Omer also led the development and growth of Bulgari’s activities in North America for more than 10 years.

Last but not least, Mr Omer is Chairman of the American Watch Association and on the Board of Directors of the American Watch Guild. He has received various distinctions for his service to the nation during the Vietnam War.

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