Bell & Ross BR MINUTEUR Tourbillon Pink Gold

BR Minuteur TOUrBILLON pink Gold (close-up)

BR Minuteur TOUrBILLON pink Gold (close-up)

Bell & Ross designs haute horlogerie for men to whom time is a true passion. Motivated to offer an outstanding measuring instrument with utmost sophistication, Bell & Ross has created the BR MINUTEUR TOURBILLON PINK GOLD

A Bell & Ross WATCH

As with all Bell & Ross watches, the BR MINUTEUR TOURBILLON PINK GOLD is first and foremost a measuring tool, focusing on readability, functionality, accuracy and reliability. Stemming from a desire to fit a timer function with independent reading to a high precision mechanism, it incorporates four watchmaking complications around a main timepiece. The combination of functionality and mechanical sophistication is what makes this watch unique. With the BR MINUTEUR TOURBILLON PINK GOLD, Bell & Ross has gone far beyond the traditional know-how of fine watchmaking to create the instrument of the future.

Opting for performance

Clearly visible in its carriage positioned at 6 o’clock on the main timepiece, the tourbillon is the be-all and end-all of precision. The role of the most noble watchmaking complications is the accurate compensation of measuring differences caused by gravity in the vertical position. The simplicity of the time display controlled by the tourbillon cannot overshadow the sophistication of the mechanism which is apparent through the glass. Utilizing the crème of Swiss watchmaking, the BR MINUTEUR TOURBILLON PINK GOLD has taken the consolidated skills of in-house engineers to meet the challenge of mechanical laws.

BR Minuteur TOUrBILLON pink Gold: the dial and its 4 complications

BR Minuteur TOUrBILLON pink Gold: the dial and its 4 complications

Opting for functionality

The watch incorporates a chronograph timer, which measures time lapses in hours and minutes from a chosen moment. The accompanying flyback function is a system for quickly resetting to zero and instantly relaunching.

This optimizes reactivity and accuracy when several time intervals have to be measured in succession.

This large counter displays two graduations for reading on two timescales.

• The external indexing provides traditional reading of sixty graduations symbolizing the minutes.

• Inside, ten sectors delimit the tenths of hours. This segmentation proves extremely advantageous for some professionals who calculate the length of their assignments in decimal mode. In addition to the time information, two small counters are located at the intersection between the main timepiece and the Timer Flyback.

• At the top, a power reserve indicator gives the remaining operating time on a scale of three days.

• At the bottom, an independent small second shows at a glance that the watch is working correctly.

Opting For Strength

The BR MINUTEUR TOURBILLON PINK GOLD owes its sophistication to the quality of its movement, its accuracy and performance, but its unique architecture is an equally attractive feature. Technology is brilliantly illustrated in its case through the carbon fiber of the dial and the aluminum of the movement bridges, which provide extra strength. Its angle rib structure also helps in maintaining solidity. And as the finishing touch to its superlative aesthetics, the BR MINUTEUR TOURBILLON is trimmed with pink gold. The high-tech measuring instrument is therefore converted into a priceless instrument.

An avante-garde instrument

With the BR MINUTEUR TOURBILLON PINK GOLD, Bell & Ross has succeeded in combining the ultimate precision of watchmaking with the beauty of a gold trimmed watch. The result is a landmark watch for lovers of rare, high performing instruments.


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