HUBLOT Unico Technical Specifications

The new Hublot Unico movement

The new Hublot Unico movement

UNICO movement

The integration of the various production stages should give the Manufacture even greater autonomy. The UNICO movement, a chronograph developed entirely by Hublot’s Research & Development department, is now in its “functional prototype” stage until the end of 2009. It will eventually be housed inside the case of the King Power, the latest model to be launched by the brand this year. The workshop is currently producing bridges, main plates and assorted steel components, which will be assembled by fifteen or so new employees to be specially appointed in January for production of the UNICO. The aim is to produce 2,000 UNICO movements in 2010, and close to 20,000 in the medium term.

A special feature of this flyback chronograph is the position of its mechanism and the famous “column wheel” on the side of the dial. However, one of its main innovations is the removable platform escapement, on which the watch owner’s initials can be engraved by special request!

The new Hublot Unico movement

The new Hublot Unico movement

A clever yet subtle feature allowing easier servicing and maintenance, and offering the owner the option to personalize the timepiece. The escapement (escape wheel and pallet fork) is made from silicon, a light, durable and technologically advanced material which resists wear and guarantees more accurate operation.

Movement with column-wheel chronograph mechanism integrated on the dial side, bicompax, 2 push-pieces, flyback, double horizontal clutch, no jumper in the chronograph mechanism, semi-instant calendar, removable platform escapement, second stop device.

Fitting diameter
Ø 30.00 [mm]

Total diameter
Ø 30.40 [mm]

Total height
8.05 [mm]

Hours, minutes, seconds at 9 o’clock
60-second and 60-minute chronograph
Date aperture

Number of jewels

Power reserve
> 70 hours (~ 72 hours)

The new Hublot Unico movement

The new Hublot Unico movement

On removable platform escapement
4 [Hz], Swiss lever escapement
Silicon pallet fork and escape wheel
Cross-through balance bridge, height adjustable
Fine rate adjustment

Ceramic ball bearing
2-way winding
Pellaton type

The new Hublot Unico movement

The new Hublot Unico

Time setting mechanism
Classic, 3 positions
– Hand wound
– Quick calendar correction
– Time setting

Total number of pieces

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