The latest Angular Momentum Creation – Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal

Angular Momentum Mumtaz Mahal

Angular Momentum Mumtaz Mahal

A manifestation of everlasting love …
Verre Èglomisé Timepieces – Limited Edition of 5 Timepieces

The timepiece possesses “two” Verre Èglomisé miniatures, the portrait of Shah Jahan on the back crystal and the portrait of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal on its front crystal.

Shah Jahan was the Mughal ruler, who has build the famous Taj Mahal in 17th century

About Angular Momentum

Founded in Bern in 1998, Angular Momentum is now a Swiss watch brand that has earned widespread fame on the international scene. It is distributed worldwide through around 18 countries and now confirms its success by opening a boutique – The TIME GALLERY – in the town where it was created. The address – Brunngasse 58 – is located at the heart of the historic city district near to the famous clock tower with its astrolabe, manufactured in 1405, just 600 years ago. This showcase, highlighting an undisputed reputation, also represents the bridgehead of anticipated growth in Switzerland and in Europe. The new boutique is spread over 150 square meters with a 27 meters long showcase presentation desk made out of black glass. It has a broad store front entirely in harmony with the brand’s approach. Functional and adaptable furniture provides a beautiful setting for presenting products by categories or themes. At the TIME GALLERY, the Angular Momentum art of presentation is expressed to the full. In its new “embassy”, Angular Momentum presents the entire range of its creations, creations intended for men as well as for women. The broad array of time pieces, accounting for a large proportion of sales, is complemented by the “Manupropria” jewelry collections in platinum, gold, silver or steel.

Angular Momentum Shah Jahan

Angular Momentum Shah Jahan

Verre Èglomisé

Verre Èglomisé is a term used to describe the art of cold painting and gilding on the back of glass. The glass can be gilded with gold, silver or metal leaf using a gelatine adhesive. A beautiful mirror-like, reflective finish can be achieved, in which designs can be engraved or the leaf chemically treated to create special design effects. The technique dates back to the pre-Roman eras, but its name is derived from 18th century French decorator Jean-Baptise Glomy who is responsible for its popularity today. The art of miniature painting consists of mastering minute details to give the work a presence beyond its size. Miniature painting is a rare art and calls for exceptionally good eyes and trained hands. Today Angular Momentum applies the rare decorative skills that create watches as individual works of art. To complete a dial, the artisan spends many hours.

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