Romain Jerome: New website

The redesigned Romain Jerome website

The redesigned Romain Jerome website

Romain Jerome is putting its new website online and inviting you to enter the refined and mysterious universe of its Titanic-DNA and Moon Dust-DNA collections.

View our timepieces from another angle, on your own screens! is intended as a faithful virtual mirror of Romain Jerome, combining watchmaking luxury, innovation and creativity, while reflecting the offbeat spirit of the House. Echoing its exceptional Objet d’art and Collection pieces, it offers clear and dynamic surfing through the countless cyber-tourist attractions of the RJ world.

It serves as a window onto the body and soul of Romain Jerome thanks to sections entitled The RJ Spirit, The Creator and Know-How. Its informative role includes covering all the latest events and releases on the decidedly “hyperactive” brand via the News and Press Review zones. This resolutely interactive site will also enable visitors to subscribe to a periodical Newsletter and to download various Goodies as well as the on-line Catalogue, while professionals are catered for via the Press Lounge.

Newcomers and connoisseurs alike will appreciate its understated, ergonomic and infinitely smooth navigating style.


Yvan Arpa

Yvan Arpa

Comment from the editor

I would recommend visiting this website, especially since Business Montres & Joaillerie, reported yesterday that Yvan Arpa, Nicolas Lepot, Kalina Kotseva, Katidja Valy, Julie Guichard, the so called “five fingers of the hand” of Romain Jerome had to leave the company. Watch connoisseurs are wondering about the future of Romain Jerome without Yvan Arpa. You can find the full article here.

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