“Ma petite enterprise ne connait pas la crise…” ROMAIN JEROME Financial Communication

Romain Jerome Managing Director, Yvan Arpa

Romain Jerome Managing Director, Yvan Arpa

The Chinese ideogram for crisis, Wei Ji, comprises two parts: “Wei” meaning “danger” and “Ji” meaning “opportunity”.

The prevailing pessimism has not affected the Geneva watchmaker, according to Yvan Arpa, its Managing Director: “We don’t only manufacture luxury products, we create luxury. The materiality of the crisis has not affected the environment and values we have established.”

Romain Jerome: A Revolution in Watchmaking

DNA of Famous Legends: A new marketing proposal that stands out from among the hundreds of brands that make up the FH, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. Geneva-based watchmaker Romain Jerome was founded in 2004 by a private equity fund. In 2006, with the arrival of Mr. Yvan Arpa, the company gained new momentum and began to create exceptional timepieces inspired by, and created in tribute to, the great legends of our time. Unprecedented in the field of watchmaking, Romain Jerome offers its customers the opportunity to acquire a part of history by creating highly emotional timepieces integrating the DNA of a legend. Its products are the fruit of Swiss watchmaking tradition and bear the label “Swiss made”. They combine watchmaking complications, innovative materials and bold design.

The Romain Jerome Team

Yvan Arpa is supported by a small but exceptional team made up, for the most part, of unusual personalities from various backgrounds. “The skills and abilities of each one do not come from one particular sector. The closed world of watchmaking works in isolation and is hostage to a narrow mindset which hampers those who work in it.” Romain Jerome has ten employees, including three trainees, based at its headquarters, an apartment in downtown Geneva. Its production unit is located on the outskirts of the city and includes about ten employees.

A revolution in watchmaking – from 2006 to today

  • 2006: Appointment of Yvan Arpa as Managing Director of Romain Jerome
  • Basle 2007: Launch of the Titanic-DNA collection: timepieces integrating oxidized steel from the Titanic
  • November 2007: Marketing of the Titanic-DNA collection
  • Basle 2008: CHF 50 million of placed orders. Setting up of a distribution network with 75 sales points
  • November 2008: Inauguration of the Moon Dust-DNA collection, timepieces integrating authentic moon dust. Marketing planned for June 2009
  • January 2009 : closing of financial year 2008
  1. Total sales of CHF 25 million, three times initial objectives for 2008 and six times total sales for 2007
  2. Ratio EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes)/Turnover exceeds 20%
  3. 2009 January sales: year-on-year increase of 400%

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