Morgan, the automobile manufacturer, and Hublot, the watchmaker, combine their technologies

Special Hublot Big Bang, the Aero Bang Morgan © Hublot Geneve

Special Hublot Big Bang, the Aero Bang Morgan © Hublot Geneve

Hublot Geneve Press Release, February 10, 2009 – On the anniversary of the first century of the Morgan company, Hublot has produced a special Big Bang whose design has been inspired by the AeroMax car: the Aero Bang Morgan. Jean-Claude Biver presented it today in Malvern (GB), at the jubilee firm’s headquarters, in the presence of Charles Morgan.

It was during an encounter between Charles Morgan – the legendary British maker of sports cars – and Jean-Claude Biver, the bubbling Swiss watchmaker, that the creative spark was generated. Being directors of companies attached to tradition and craftsmanship, and being both passionate about elegance and authenticity, they quite naturally decided to form a partnership.

The synergy between Hublot and Morgan is reflected in the same concern for meticulous work and sober, original aesthetics. This complicity is also found in the use and combination of materials, in the sporting vocation and in the craft-manufacturing of their products.

Aero Max © Hublot Geneve

AeroMax © Hublot Geneve

The AeroMax car – a limited series of 100 hand-made cars – has been the inspiration behind the creation of the Aero Bang watch, whose first hundred models have been reserved as a priority for owners of the AeroMax. The ceramic and tungsten Big Bang sports the Morgan logo at 9 o’clock, on a skeleton dial which makes it possible to distinguish the chronograph movement, or to admire the beauty of its “engine”!

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