KING POWER: the most powerful and toughest model in the Big Bang range



Hublot Geneve Press Release January 2009 – A Big Bang with an even stronger, more powerful and further evolved design: this is the King Power – a timepiece with a complex dial made of several layers in a sober and powerful aesthetic concept, housing a split-seconds foudroyante chronograph movement.

King Power, a watch with an extreme and robust design. Its strength lies both in its tradition and faithfulness to the design of the Big Bang, as well as in its avant-garde
modernism. All its components have been redesigned: the case has been shaped with sharp angles and straight sides, and features raised end pieces and screws. On the case edge, the push pieces stand out more, with the decorative tubes inserted in the black composite resin. The bezel has acquired a new look thanks to the rubber
moulding around the ceramic. The dial is made of several layers and ten extra elements in addition to the powerful black index markers. The Chronograph and Foudroyante hands are completely new and made on two levels, with two different types of finish. The helicoid shape of the Foudroyante imparts it with a particularly dynamic – signature of the King Power collection. Its rubber strap features an embossed cut-out, giving it a very robust look, and for the first time the clasp is made of ceramic. The new King Power is designed to house the chronograph movement, entirely manufactured by Hublot, which is soon to be unveiled.

Four years after launching the Big Bang, the King Power pushes to the limit the qualities of its original design, and succeeds in combining both the expression of power and the feeling of luxury.

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