Thierry Nataf taking ZENITH back to its zenith

Thierry Nataf, President of Zenith International S.A. - © Zenith

Thierry Nataf, President of Zenith International S.A. - © Zenith

The Swiss Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie ZENITH INTERNATIONAL SA belongs to the Watch & Jewelry division of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group, which it joined in November 1999. Since his arrival at the head of the company almost four years ago, Thierry Nataf has undertaken to, as he phrases it, “take ZENITH back to its zenith”. He has thus devoted himself to rethinking the entire set of collections and the brand universe, ensuring a subtle blend of tradition and modernity, techniques and emotions. This has been done by maintaining rigorous respect for the founding values, while adopting a consistently daring approach. In his own words, “ZENITH has now become a luxury Watch House which, by rediscovering its past, is regaining all its pride and, by dreaming its future, is creating its present.”

Appointed CEO of ZENITH INTERNATIONAL on June 11th 2001, Thierry Nataf became its President on January 1st 2002. He then launched the renewal of virtually all product ranges, while relying firmly on the historical movements developed by the Manufacture, El Primero and Elite. “At the heart of my concerns lies the Watch: sound, beautiful, balanced.”

Thierry Nataf studied at various French and American universities from which he graduated with several MA degrees in Corporate Management. He has served on the management team of companies specializing in electronics, travel goods and the luxury product industry, in the United States, Europe and other countries. Before transferring to the Manufacture ZENITH, he was international vice-president for VEUVE CLICQUOT PONSARDIN (LVMH group).

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