The Répétion Souveraine F.P.Journe acclaimed, Best of the Best, Robb Report Men’s Watch 2009


“Best of the Best” Men’s watch 2009 by Robb Report

François-Paul Journe is acclaimed once again for its horological creations of exception; the Répétition Minute Souveraine has been awarded “Best of the Best” Men’s watch 2009 by Robb Report in the USA.

F.P.Journe, with its distinctive label – Invenit et Fecit, (invented and made) stamped on all watches of the collection certify an exclusive calibre, invented, manufactured and assembled entirely in the workshops of its Manufacture in the centre of Geneva. It vouches an authentic and innovative horology in the whole of its conception and symbolises the fundamental values of haute horlogerie.

F.P.Journe is mastering the measurement of time with the first ultra-slim minute repeater and once again raises the bar for striking watches. He has re-invented the minute repeater mechanism in a way which enables strong crystal clear tones to emanate from a seemingly impossibly svelte movement, with a size of barely 4mm, more reminiscent of a simple hand wound calibre than a highly intricate and complex complication.

F.P.Journe - Répétion Souveraine

F.P.Journe - Répétion Souveraine

Two key technical developments have enabled François-Paul Journe to construct a sweet sounding ultra-slim repeater movement. The first is the flat gong, first seen on the F.P. Journe Grande Sonnerie, which produces a louder and clearer sound than traditional gongs. And because the gong is mounted under the dial, instead of around the movement, it allows more room for the movement.

The second is an innovative system of striking racks and strike selection mechanisms which take up much less space than conventional strike mechanisms. These redevelopments have merited the application of two patents.

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