The Rolex Dilemma

Rolex Datejust II

Rolex Datejust II

Would I ever wear a Rolex? That’s the question. And I have no answer yet.

I have never been a Rolex guy. In my opinion, Rolex are made with supreme quality and use the most accurate and robust movements on Earth. They are made to the highest standards. I like every model of Daytona, I love the newer Datejust II, and I sort of like the Explorers. The Submariners are OK except for the awful hands. But, in general, I think Rolex have the worst style of all- old fashioned, far too small, gawdy, terrible.

But my issues with Rolex are not with the timepieces themselves, but rather with the people who wear them. You see, two types of people wear Rolex. First, you have real serious collectors and connaisseurs who wear Rolex. These men have means and choose Rolex for the rich history and unparalleled quality. Second, you have morons and douche bags who wear Rolex. These are men with money, but no knowledge of haute horology and no taste. You know the guy- he’s dumb but entrepreneurial. He started a business, worked hard, got lucky and sold it for millions. He figured he should have a great watch and Rolex was the only brand his friends knew about. Armed with a few bucks and a newspaper ad, he buys a two tone Submariner from his local AD. This man cannot get over the fact that his Rolex does not need a battery.

Now, this second category of Rolex owner is the reason why I might never wear a Rolex. I can’t stand him. I want a timepiece associated with sophistication, class, style and success and not a piece synonymous with rich morons. I don’t want to be confused with Rolex man #2.

The two pieces that could sway me are the Daytona chronograph and the Datejust II. The first is an iconic racing chronograph available in several mind blowing variations. The second is, perhaps, the ultimate dressy-yet-all-purpose timepiece ever made with near – perfect test results. I would seriously consider either of these. Plus, I am told that every serious collection must include at least one Rolex. I had a Tudor- does that count? Frankly, I prefer Tudor. The Pelagos and Fastrider are awesome.

But it does feel like there is some unfinished business while I have never owned a Rolex…

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